One sided love

I have heard a lot about love at one side.

How it feels I never realized.

Since the day you came.

Everything has changed.


Your thoughts are always running on my mind.

If I am the sun you’re my sunshine.

What I mean to you that I really don’t know.

With you my love I want to grow old.


You bring a constant smile on my face.

Such happiness my dear only you can gave.

Every breath I take is calling you name.

Somewhere deep in my heart you have lightened that flame.


You’re not aware of what I feel for you.

With my open eyes I can dream of you.

You’re the best thing that has happened in my life.

I want you to be my soul mate or my wife.




The moment has come to get separate.

But the memories will never get fade.

Now someone else will come in your life.

It’s impossible to live without you but I’ll try.


You’re going far away from me.

But will remain in my eyes like a dream.

I was fortunate to get your love.

But will miss hearing those magical words.


Will miss those small silly fights.

Will miss those walk in dim moon light.

Will miss those romantic dates.

Will miss reading your eyes and face.


I wish I could make them understand.

That we are more than just friends.

I can’t talk to them by force.

But promise you no one can take that place of yours.


I am in love

Who am I, I really want to know

May be the person who was something else before.

What’s that feeling I never gone through

People says I am in love for sure.


I lostmyself in your thoughts.

Thinking about you walking down the road.

Everything was same but still looks new.

That winter morning with a little dew.


Sitting on beach in full moon night.

Brings me back when I saw you first time.

Your face is having such a glow.

It looks like mountains’ covered with snow.


I need you with me every time.

Not physically there but in my mind.

There is nothing mine everything is yours.

People are right I am in love for sure.







When I am with you

I’ll stay with you like waves of the sea.

Will make you strong like roots of the tree.

Breaking all the walls to make you free.

Will love you forever till the last I breathe.


Life is nothing when you’re not there.

When you’re with me I would never fear.

Finding a girl like you was very rare.

This heart will be all yours always dear.


Every time I look in your deep black eyes.

Several dreams are there that you’re trying to hide.

Every dream of yours I will make them true.

No matter what’s the situation I will be there for you.


Want to live with you in a little house.

Will you be my perfect spouse?

Wrapping you in my arms I want to do.

Want to stop the time when I am with you.


When I saw you

When I saw you the first time.
You were looking like a bottle of wine.
A tune of music arises in my mind.
I wish life has button of rewind.

I remembered that smile on your face.
Making you happy was only my aim.
Your face has such a spark.
This can bring the light even in the dark.

Now the days start by seeing your face.
You are the reason for every smile on my face.
You are my dream and love my life.
Your presence makes me feel alive.

Holding your hand I always want to do
Being in your arms is like a dream comes true.
My eyes are open but I can dream of you.
Take care of my heart it beats in you.


Love begins……….❤❤❤❤❤.


Women (a beautiful creation of god).

This universe is created by god.
Creation of women is best part from all.
No one can replace the importance of a woman in our life.
She can b your mother, sister or your wife.

When she is a mother she protects u the best.
For our happiness she can do the things which we can’t even expect.
When she is a sister you can’t have a best friend better than her.
She will keep all your secrets and never reveal it to father or mother.

When she is your love she loves u from all her soul and heart.
We boys must love them back and never break their heart.
She left her family and everything for us.
We should give her all the happiness that she deserves.

They represent our nation and reached moon.
But we think they are just to clean the plates and spoons.
She gives us everything whatever we deserve.
It’s my request to you people please stop killing them before birth.


Respect women…..


Life – A Journey

Life a never ending battle.

Each day new challenges new struggle.

Every morning gives a new hope.

Do your best rest leave on God.


Some day we laugh some day we cry.

Some day we love some day we fight.

Some day we fall some day we rise.

Ups and downs are part of life.


Each day we live in a hope of best.

In this beautiful world we all are guest.

This journey will end when we die.

It’s full of truth and several lies.


It breaks us down several time.

Making mistakes is not a crime.

We live only once we should celebrate.

Love is the answer for every hate.

Me & my loneliness

Me and my loneliness always talk to each other.
How can someone love the other.
No one answered me.
Everyone makes fun of me.

One day someone entered in my life
After that I realized
why we love someone
coz this heart beats for the only one

you are my everything , the peace of my heart
I just want a small place in your heart
I don’t know what I mean to you
But for me my life starts with you

I am with my friends there but my mind I some where
I go for study in my room but seeing for face in my books
Now I can’t wait any more
One day you will be mine for sure……

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤…….


Friend’s Forever

These days will never come back.
Enjoy them in the way you can.
I will never forget the time spend with you all.
We will remain friend for life long.


Enjoy every moment of your life.
With you all everything seems to be alright.
Together we had a great time.
I wish life has button of rewind.


I am goanna miss the tea at night.
I will miss those small small fights.
I m gonna miss those late night shows.
I will miss watching girls at pvs mall.


Now we are going far from each other.
But will remain in hearts of each other.
This 4 year journey comes to an happy end
But we all will always remain friends.


Frnd’ship continues…